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What are we looking for?

We are looking for engineers who are interested to explore their potential in the fields of AI & ML and evolving technologies. We strongly believe that each person has a different success path and finding the right path requires a strong driving force to look deep inside themselves. This drive they possess helps them to try until they achieve the level of excellence they have envisioned.

We need individuals who can show resilience and be relentless in their pursuit towards achieving their goals. Passionate about technology and take initiative through self-learning.

Our training is consciously designed to bring about innovative thinking within you through a constant process of learning to Research, Develop, and Design, followed by reprocessing to adapt and evolve to build innovative cutting edge technologies.

We are advancing the SOTA in the field of AI & ML through fundamental and applied research by collaborating with the best Research Scientists in the fields of computer vision, NLP, speech & audio, machine intelligence and reinforcement learning across the world.

We help our customers thrive in the digital era with our unmatched value, growth & innovation powered by a collaborative ecosystem.

For Fresh engineering graduates

Build Your Career in Technology with Us

Kickstart your career in AI & ML and make a meaningful impact by working with complex programming languages, AI & ML services and libraries. You will get to work with deep learning Frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, etc. Build, test, and deploy AI models and maintain the underlying AI infrastructure.


For 1 - 3 years Experienced Engineers

Re-Imagine Your Career in Technology with Us

Solve complex challenges by researching & modelling complex neural networks, streamline production by working on MLOps projects like Model Lifecycle & Data lifecycle and drive long-term value by developing AI Strategy Frameworks. Collaborate with different cross-functional teams, and have the freedom & ability to explore new prototypes & designs.


Career & Growth

We believe in providing equal opportunities to all regardless of their background. At SukShi Academy we not only hire but also provide you with the right skills to unlock your full potential and achieve your career growth in the field of technology.

Career and learning phases

Initial Training

We train you in technical subjects related to coding, tech tools and various complex topics.

Realtime Exposure

Implement all the learning in realtime and at the same time test out various fields within the domain of platform development.


Work in the chosen domain along with opportunities to grow is other domains which unlocks your potential and broadens your horizon to explore & innovate various technologies.


Focus on specialising to uplift your ability to create cutting edge technology to serve global customers and to keep innovating the most efficient & sustainable tech ecosystems.

What kind of role will you be working on?

As an AI & ML Engineer you will be solving complex Neural Network related problems which would require Logical Thinking and Data Analytical skill set.
There are a myriad of opportunities beyond AI & ML roles to explore at SukShi partner companies:
As a Frontend Engineer you might leverage your technical skills like HTML, CSS and Javascript that you will learn during your training program and your creative flair to make the most intuitive front end solution for our web and mobile applications
As a Backend Engineer you will find yourself working on core technical aspects like networking, database management and using languages like C, Python or Golang again which you will be trained during your initial training phase.

As a DevOps Engineer you will be managing infrastructure solutions using Azure, GCP or AWS.

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