The Beginning

SukShi is an Idea born with a vision of aligning the three principles in human beings and life. The principle of thought, the principle of speech, and the principle of action. The alignment removes the conflict and enables communities to achieve collective prosperity.

With this guiding principle, SukShi in 2017 set out to build an inclusive ecosystem that nurtures talent and harnesses potential to create cutting-edge technologies that in turn create more opportunities and need for further talent, creating a perpetual cycle of growth.


Crucial component towards creating & sustaining a profitable business

It is our core belief that a market-based model is a powerful means to solve complex social problems at scale. And innovation based on cutting-edge technology, that addresses market needs will create a perpetual cycle of innovation & job creation that can have a lasting social impact.

Pillar 01

Enabling the enablers

Enable individuals to express themselves and to maximize & reach their potential and become enablers by providing opportunity to others. Thus creating a perpetual cycle of growth.

Pillar 02

Deep focus

We believe to in order to maximize one’s true potential they need to dive deep into the ocean to find the jewel that turn them from enabled to the enabler.

Pillar 03


Aligning the three principles in human beings and life.The alignment removes the conflict and enables communities to achieve collective prosperity.

Our Founders

The founders are business leaders and technology entrepreneurs based in  India and Silicon Valley . They play an active role not only by investing  by mentoring students and building a community of change-makers and impact creators.

Our Academic Advisory Board

In 2017, the founding members reached out to change-makers and radical thinkers in academia and our Academic Advisory Board was formed. Today, it has 14 eminent academicians and thought leaders from across the globe – each at the forefront of transforming education in their respective institutions. They play an instrumental role guiding our vision and academic programs.

We partner with top institutions, globally

Our partners share our vision – to reimagine engineering education and research. Together, we work closely on curriculum design, delivery, faculty and student exchanges and collaborative research.

By 2035 we plan to have

Students across our programs
Students online
Faculty & researchers


Build a diverse community

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