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B.Tech in Robotics & Cyber-Physical Systems

Solutions to grand challenges increasingly require reaching across the boundaries of the cyber, physical & human worlds. The Robotics & Cyber-Physical Systems program is different from traditional electrical & mechanical engineering programs & is designed to target the growing & unmet need at the intersection of computing, mechatronics, & human behavior. Students will be able to design engineering systems that interact with humans & environment & create solutions to tackle some of India’s & the world’s most pressing grand challenges.
Round 1 – Nov 24, 2021 to Jan 14, 2022

8 Semester Curriculum

The curriculum at Plaksha is dynamic and continuously evolving, based on inputs from faculty, latest research and industry insights.

What can you create?

Learning Experiences

Experiential Learning

Integrated learning experience across 4 years. Students work on authentic, real world projects through industry and community.

Hear about the course from the experts

Watch Dr. Hanumant Singh of Northeastern University and Dr. Richard Voyles of Purdue University explain the relevance and scope of this B.Tech degree.
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Dates to Remember

Jan 14, 2022
Round 1 Deadline
*Round deadlines are subject to change.
March 31, 2022
Round 2 Deadline
June 12, 2022
Round 3 Deadline*
July 20, 2022
Round 4 Deadline*
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